You Won't Believe What Happened To Me After My Girlfriend
Borrowed Me N1000 to transport myself to go submit
my CV but went to shop to accumulate games


My Name is Ade and the story you are about to read from me is an interesting and powerful one. If you can spare just 4minutes of your time, i can assure you that...


You will benefit immensely from my experience

Mark my words


Just like that, i can now boast of 1.5milla

I had lied to my girlfriend in the morning that i needed N500 to transport myself to go submit my C.V at a company i saw its advert on the newspaper. She gave me N1000 and am supposed to refund before the following weekend.


Mercy has been merciful to me when it comes to giving me those little cash to help sustain my life. At least she wouldn't watch her boyfriend make hunger destroy his fineboy. lol

Wettin person go do

You say make i go school, i went to school and even tried my best to finish with a Second class Upper degree in Accounting. After NYSC, i was filled with expectations but soon afterwards, i was faced with reality.

Job is damn scarce and hard to get in this our darling Country.

I have spent all my savings from Service


My girl, Mercy is still in school and because of her love and trust in me, she has been the one taking care of me with the stipends she's been given from home. We share her pocket money each month and on some occasions, i will still borrow from her share.


She complained Bitterly About Something.

I am a soccer lover and when i go to watch matches, i have always been hearing of terms like

 slip ,

na only one cut my slip,






I found out what these are all about and with little explanation from my friends in the area, i grasp it wella and i jumped into action.

I thought it's an easy task but i failed woefully.

My girlfriend once saw some slips under my bed and after thorough scrutiny and seeing how much i have thrown away, she became mad at me and pleaded that i shouldn't visit the shops again.


I promised her that i would stop when i have hit my target of 1.5 milla

Did i hit the 1.5milla?


Yes, i did.

Have i stopped just like i promised my girlfriend?

For where?


I didn't stop.

In fact, she encouraged me to keep going since i have mastered the process and strategy that ensures that every week, at least extra 200k drop for me from my slips.


I have truly mastered it just like she said and i will throw more light into my mastery so that you can benefit from it and be able to cut btw 20k - 100k weekly from your slips if not up to my own 200k weekly.


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